IMS clouds can be seriously Cool
HALL 5 - MWC 2018

It’s a fascinating time to be a network operator. Opportunities seem endless with the advent of 5G, IoT and RCS services enabled through the rapid deployment of multiple IMS clouds supporting interconnect.

Imagine your network offering Augmented & Virtual Reality Calling, RCS Chatbots with mCommerce and Mobile IoT, Artificial Intelligence for VoLTE/Virtual Assistants, Enterprise Multi-Line VoIP, IMS Connected Car, mWellness & Home Automation - all converging within an operator network through a unified user experience.

Well you don’t need to imagine it,
come and experience it.

The world's first RCS Universal Profile GSMA
accredited operator runs on Summit IMS Cloud.

Turn-key GSMA accredited IMS/RCS solutions including clients on all major mobile, desktop and IoT platforms.